At Wave, safety is our number one Core Value, the single motivation that guides everything we do. Our commitment to safety is an ongoing one that we strive to live up to every day. Our 12 WHS Guiding Principles:

Risk Management – We only accept activities examined from a WHS risk standpoint.
Resources – We provide the human, financial and material resources needed to support the WHS program.
Leadership – Our leaders are directly involved in the WHS program. We lead by example.
Compliance – We abide by all relevant and applicable rules and regulations pertaining to WHS.
Involvement – We encourage employees to be involved with our WHS efforts, to provide continual feedback, including recommendations for improvement.
Sustainability – We promote environmental sustainability throughout the company, applying a variety of “green”initiatives.
Training – We provide thorough and effective training programs to employees.
Industry Leaders – To raise WHS industry standards, we collaborate with clients, partners, suppliers, competitors and regulators.
Work with Others – Our subcontractors are accountable to the same WHS standards we embrace.
Performance – We establish short- and long-term performance goals for WHS.
Assessment – We routinely assess our programs from different levels and perspectives, with an eye toward continual improvement.
Reporting – Any occupational incident, such as personal injury or property damage, are thoroughly reported in a timely manner.