Wave Telecom recognizes that in the Telecommunications Industry adaptability to the accelerating pace of change is crucial. We have acquired comprehensive knowledge of many technologies through our tenure with major carriers and tier one companies.

Commitment in keeping up to speed with technological advancement is key. We are at the forefront of all aspects of telecommunications, adapting to new equipment and technologies as required by our clients.

With Wave Telecom you have an expert delivery partner in telecommunications infrastructure. We have been delivering results for telecommunications companies, installing internal, underground and aerial telecommunications infrastructure for even the most technically and physically challenging projects. We have all the abilities and resources to get your job done efficiently.

With our team of 150 highly qualified and experienced personnel, and large stock of plant and equipment, there is less time spent on the logistics needed to source special skills or machinery. We also provide rapid emergency response services, stepping in to quickly get a project back on track and completed.

Wave service and support numerous communications technologies including cellular, microwave, and fibre optic systems.

Our services include:

  • Design, Engineering & Planning
  • Installation & Commissioning & Integration
  • Maintenance
  • Site Audits & Feasibility Studies
  • Managed Services
  • Logistics Management

Project management at Wave emphasises on obtaining outcomes through managing opportunities and risks and making the best use of resources. Wave seeks to establish that each project will deliver results that are consistent with organisational policy and strategic objectives. Wave project management framework seeks to increase reliability and consistency of project performance and savings in costs.